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Your Issue Isn’t With Kanye … It’s With Yourself


Hopefully one of my fellow writers writes a review of the album, because I don’t care nor do I really have any desire too. T.L.O.P. is a gospel album, the feeling you get listening can’t be described through my words or lens.

Kanye West released his seventh studio album The Life of Pablo, T.L.O.P. exclusively on Tidal late Saturday night, leading up to the release, Kanye’s behavior or tweets can be described in a multitude of ways. I’ll describe it as normal.

Mr. West is a pot stirrer. This is what he has always done and does pretty well. Think about it, for anything outside of music you know Kanye for, it’s because he’s making an ass out of himself. Here’s the twist though, you only have issue when you don’t agree with him.

In 2005 when Kanye went on National TV and told the country that “George Bush doesn’t care about black people” that was no more outrageous or less rooted in fact than when he said Beyonce deserved an MTV award over Taylor Swift or any of the many things he’s said during what seems to be one long ass two week Twitter rant.

What is difference is the public’s, more so black people’s acceptance or lack thereof Kanye’s statements. Simply put, people for the most part agreed with him so they didn’t care what he said. Whether it was about Bush and Katrina or what he said about MTV and Taylor Swift. The same people who have a problem with what Kanye is now, once supported these same antics.

Is Kanye egotistical, narcissistic, ignorant and all the other words synonymous with him you can come up with? Yes. Have we always known this? Yes.

As much as many of us want to believe Kanye has changed, he probably hasn’t. We’ve all changed and still want Kanye to be the same. Maybe Ye isn’t the only crazy one.


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