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How Did The Clinton’s Fool Black People For So Long?




Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders convincingly won the New Hampshire primary, getting 60 percent of the votes while Hillary Clinton only managed 38 percent. As the primaries move South, and the black vote becomes ever more important, the question is being asked – Should black America vote for Hillary Clinton?

I was born the year Bill Clinton first took office in 1992. For 16 years of my life Bill Clinton was the only black President I knew. From what I knew – he played the saxophone, helped the economy and was overall the President that brought everyone together.

In 2016 though, this isn’t quite the picture painted about Clinton or his administration. In a recent article by Michelle Alexander, Alexander details just how much black people in the United States suffered under Clinton and his administration. Whether it was ending the welfare state as we knew it or anti-black rhetoric to advance crime bills. You can read her full piece here.

Knowing what we know now, should Hillary Clinton have to answer for her husband’s policies? Well yes, because they were just as much hers as his. Alexander in her article masterfully points to the fact Mrs. Clinton was the First Lady who redefined the job in a way no President’s wife prior had. She campaigned for Bill on these issues, even lobbying for him once he got elected.

The black vote is an ever so important vote, but only when black people use that vote. The Democratic Party knows this and has used the black vote to win National elections while winning back whites in the South who left for the Republican Party. The black vote has done a lot for Democrats and the Clinton’s in the past 30 years, now the question should be what have the Clinton’s and Democrats done for blacks since?

If you believe Michelle Alexander, nothing, in some instances made things even worse. So for how long have black people been fooled? Does all it take to satisfy black America is singing a few church hymns and doing the latest dance?

The Clinton’s had black America’s support and vote once, would it be wise to do it again?


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