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Good News? Four More Democratic Debates added to the schedule


This may serve as an update of sorts to an article we released a few weeks ago criticizing the blasphemy surrounding the awkward times and days of the democratic debate schedule. It appears that the voice of the people has been heard and a whopping four more debates have been added to the schedule, the first airing tonight at 9 pm est. These additions may actually allow people to tune in and cast their opinions on the stances that the two remaining candidates hold on particular issues, from foreign policy to medicare to Mass Incarceration.

To catch you up we reported in heavy criticism of how the times seemed planned in such a way that detoured young folks from watching the debates all together. an issue that was later brought to light by other new outlets with even grander standing, Clinton ally Debbie Wasserman Schultz ;who serves as the DNC chairwoman and also serves as the scheduler of the debates, was lime lighted for having purposely set the debates at such inconvenient times.

Ironically Senator Bernie Sanders still manages holds an astounding 84% of the young vote, ages 17-29 as compared to Clinton’s 14% as of the Iowa caucus two days ago. Some believe  these new additional debates have only been added to give Clinton a chance to try to win the young vote away from Sanders, a feet that will not be an easy one to accomplish. As the phrase goes, America seems to be “feeling the Bern”

Below are the Iowa caucus results courtesy of the Wall street Journal

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