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Flint Michigan’s Dangerously Toxic water


Today’s need to know is a heart breaking reality. Flint Michigan is suffering from what many call water poisoning in the minority community. The short story is that the city opted out of Detroit’s water supply and began drawing water from the Flint River in April 2014, part of a cost-saving plan. After eighteen months, in the fall of 2015, researchers discovered that the proportion of children with above-average lead levels in their blood had doubled, and this all due to the water.

A group of Virginia Tech researchers who sampled the water in almost 300 Flint homes last summer found some contained lead levels high enough to meet the EPA’s definition of “toxic waste”.

This is a cancerous situation that has become catastrophic, Lead in water is measured in terms of parts per billion (ppb). If a test comes back with lead level results higher than 15 ppb, they are advised to take proper precautions to enhance the condition of their water whether it be clean the pipes or seek out erosion solutions. Now lets take a look at what normal water levels look like in comparison to Flint’s, courtesy of  Washington post.

troy water

cause for concern


Seems we have a serious problem on our hands, and the more we know the more we can help. As always stay in the need to know.

Mike Abrantie Current Los Angeles resident, South-side of Chicago Native, and Product of the Homeland Ghana West Africa, Mike Abrantie is a modern day historian and supporter of the people. From Civil rights to world topics and its affects on the lower and middle class, he is an advocate of Historical integrity and believes in knowledge being the root of motivation and creative inspiration.