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Introducing Status Apparel


Status Apparel is a lifestyle brand that was created in 2011, based in the National’s capital the brand has expanded far beyond the confines of the district and is looking to continue growing.

I remember the first time I was introduced to Status. While I was a freshmen at Temple University I would go to the recreation center, and during those times playing ball would hear people in the gym saying “status, status” I didn’t know it then, but Status would become much more than a witty saying.

Founder Gabriel Massalley has taken Status across the globe with him as he represents Status while wearing it.

To get some Status gear of your own, visit their website, Status Apparel DC, and for more information on the Status lifestyle follow their founder @MrMassalley and creative director @ChiniStatus.

You can check out the Status Apparel designs below.

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