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Get to know King Krule



I heard this song by Willow Smith called ‘Easy Easy’ what now feels like forever ago and instantly fell in love. Willow is amazing artist so her twist to the song was phenomenal but me being me, I did my research to find that it was actually a cover of a song by artist Archy Marshall, better known as King Krule. I became a fan, and after a ridiculous overplay of all the EPs he’d released that I had access to, I honestly forgot all about ’em. Then last week, Easy Easy popped up on my shuffle and I became elated all over again. A 30 minute dive into a King Krule Google hole led me to find that he’d be releasing some new work and today, it’s here.

Now let me be one of many to say I think it’s pretty fucking cool that Archy Marshall is making an attempt to expound upon his particular lane of music with his new album A New Place 2 Drown. Most people would just call the genre that King Krule fits in indie alternative or something like that, but the parameters aren’t quite clear and being the free spirit that he is I think he’s actually trying to do away with them altogether.

With his new album, he’s also released a short film (above) narrated by his own spoken word poetry that really gives fans/on-comers a quick glimpse into his life. We get to see clips of gritty South London where he grew up, as well as some clips of his mom explaining her ideologies that raised Archy and his brother Jack to be the outlying characters that they are. ANP2D is also accompanied with a book release that delves into the creative process of the Marshall brothers and serves as an invite into the other forms of art, outside of music, that the brothers enjoy indulging in.

If you’re looking to switch it up a bit with a new artist for your daily playlists, I think King Krule is the place to start. You can find everything you need to know about the book release, album and film here at anewplace2drown.com. Grab it on iTunes, stream it on Apple Music, and if you like it enough be sure to find a way to get your hands on the book.


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