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Will Chicago Be The Next Ferguson or Baltimore?



A 17 year old boy was shot 16 times in the back last year and his killer; a Chicago police officer, has been charged with murder. This charge coming a year after the incident is a bit coincidental seeing as state judge has ordered that the footage showing the events leading up to his death to be released by the end of the day on Wednesday Oct 25th. The footage is set to release today Tuesday October 24th by 4:30 pm.

17 year old Laquan McDonald met his death on Oct. 20, 2014. The boy was allegedly holding a knife and walking away from officers when he was shot in the back 16 times, most of the shots allegedly after he was already on the ground ending his life forever. Details on the incident have been strangely vague, and officials that have actually seen the video have shared concerns that what the public will see will indeed enrage them, and potentially tip the cup towards another Ferguson.

“Dash cam footage of the incident shows that McDonald was on the ground for 13 of the 14 to 15 seconds that Van Dyke was shooting, prosecutors said today.”


Van Dyke’s attorney is confident in his claims that his client made a split second decision and that this is not a murder case. But it isn’t the first time the citizens of this country has heard such sentiments. In Chicago the relationship between the citizens and police on the south and west sides specifically has historically been bad, the smallest event could potentially send the city into pandemonium.

Black children are being murdered in what appears to be an all out war on the black community, if it wasn’t obvious before it surely is now. More from this story as it develops but as always ‘stay in the Need to know’.

Mike Abrantie Current Los Angeles resident, South-side of Chicago Native, and Product of the Homeland Ghana West Africa, Mike Abrantie is a modern day historian and supporter of the people. From Civil rights to world topics and its affects on the lower and middle class, he is an advocate of Historical integrity and believes in knowledge being the root of motivation and creative inspiration.