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Please Guys, I Beg, Don’t Buy a Man Bun


I’m not into fashion or style or anything of that nature, hell, I’d wear moccasins and crew necks for the remainder of my whole life if such behavior wasn’t frowned upon. But that’s not the purpose of this post, this post is to make sure you guys know that “man bun/buns” are a horrific, grotesque stupid idea and you should never be caught with one.

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I refuse to tell you where or how you can get the clip-in man bun, but the point is, don’t do it. Don’t listen to your fashion forward friend, or that cute girl who tells you she thinks the look is attractive. No, just no.

Hopefully this serves as a public service announcement, but just in case you’re still unsure about getting a man bun, I REPEAT – DO NOT GET, BUY, OR USE A MAN BUN !!!!!!

Sosa Godfrey I guess this is where I write something witty about myself. Hi, my name is Sosa, I have a tattoo of an alien and I write a lot.