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Mizzou System President Steps Down



In what can be finally called a victory for the black students at the university of Missouri, President Tim Wolfe has resigned from his position. After weeks of racial tension and turmoil on the campus, starting with events such as racial slurs spat at students in public student centers, the recent hunger strike by grad student Johnathon L. Butler to draw awareness to the inequality on campus, and Finally the football teams boycotting of all athletic events until his removal. But before the teams assistance in the movement, the event that has won the support of the student body and some faculty the most was the incident that took place on October 10th at the schools homecoming in which a group called the legion of black collegians staged a protest to draw awareness to history of black students on the campus, the non acknowledgement of their accomplishments, and the current struggle the black students face today on campus. The protesters met the president’s vehicle with a strong united front and subsequently one student was hit by his parade vehicle and the rest forcefully removed by the university police. Since that event the students under the hashtagg #concernedstudent1950 (named after the year the university began admitting African American students) have made a list of well thought out and properly vetted demands for the president and school administration.

Although before the football team’s solidarity, President Wolfe released statements saying that diversity and inclusion were being worked on behind the scenes and that he would not be stepping down, today it has officially been announced that the President has resigned.



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