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The Tuskegee Experiment – Up Close And Personal


I ran across an interesting photo stream of images from the Tuskegee Experiment and felt that it is important to share them with our Haziethoughts Readers.

The images show the doctors drawing blood on the test subjects in what is seemingly to run test on the findings. Now if you are not familiar with the Tuskegee experiment; 1. Shame on you, and 2. It will sadden you to know.

The Tuskegee syphilis experiment, were experiments that took place from 1932 through 1972 in rural Alabama. They can be described as yet another wicked and inhumane lashing to the black community, Government appointed doctors infected black share croppers “mostly sharecroppers or low income citizens” with the syphilis disease, and tracked the progression of the sickness in the patients without their informed consent. On top of that they withheld treatment whiles the men went blind or insane and with many of them unknowingly passing the disease on to their loved ones.

600 individuals were involved in the study, allegedly only 200 were infected with the disease and the others had previously contracted it. I am rather reluctant to believe this to be true seeing as the source of such statements is U.S. Public Health Service, the ones who actually conducted the experiment, in conjunction with the Tuskegee Institute . Nonetheless this was a terrible terrible experiment, one which jeopardized the lives of many people and ruined whole families. It is even safe to say that this was deliberately plagued upon the black community to further set black people back, call it what you will but just always remember the injustices bestowed upon the black community in America have been many, and indeed all are unforgivable. This notion rains true regardless of the race, creed, and religion, what is wrong is simply wrong and what is wicked is even worse. lets take a moment to look at the images and reflect.


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