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Leave Malia Obama Alone



I didn’t catch this story when it first broke on Friday, that story being Malia Obama “playing Beer Pong”, well I decided to dig a bit more, and look what we found, a story about nothing.

Quick background, Malia Obama goes on a college trip to Brown University, a bunch of college kids Snapchat her and tweet about her being at a party. Malia is photographed standing next to the designated beer pong table, and a bunch of websites use vague headlines and captions to stir up site clicks, and controversy in the comment section of conservative blogs.

It’s one thing when people make themselves accessible to the media and spotlight (i.e. Kardashians) it’s another when people are thrown into it and must deal with others weird fascination of them.

Luckily for Malia though, her dads exit from the White House will coincide with her beginning adulthood, and while there are sure to be people who will never let her or her sister Sasha live in peace, I’m happy they’ll get to do it under a little less scrutiny.

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