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How To Get Away With Murder


Image: Orange County Florida Sheriff's Office booking photograph of George Zimmerman

Somewhere in the mind of a sane individual the idea of morality is at least a present concept. For some that just does not exist. A few days ago America’s poster boy for its very own version of “How To Get Away With Murder” George Zimmerman, re-tweeted a graphic picture of his victim Trayvon Martin; an unarmed black kid he gunned down 3 years ago.


The Image: graphic photograph of the deceased boy at the scene, used in the trail which Zimmerman was acquitted of any wrong doing. Twitter removed the image after a few days of the disrespectful mockery of an innocent life lost.

In disbelief Zimmerman went on a racist fueled twitter rant posting images made about him by the public, threatening his life, or bashing his image, and asked twitter how come they have not removed such images as well. He actually believes that it is OK for him to boast about his slain victim’s death.

He is one of many individuals in this country that have been acquitted of any wrong doings in the case of young black men being murdered. From the late 1800’s to now there seems to be little difference in the judicial system in the prosecution of these sorts of killings. Whether the accused is law enforcement or average citizens, Justice is rarely a word used in triumph for the families of the victims. I just want to let the idea that is at work here set in for a moment, and be a testament that we still have a lot of work to do in this great nation of the “free”

Rapper Talib Kweli; who is very vocal in black issues tweeted: ” George Zimmerman is online posting pics of Trayvon Martin’s dead body right now. Let that sink in America.  “

Mike Abrantie Current Los Angeles resident, South-side of Chicago Native, and Product of the Homeland Ghana West Africa, Mike Abrantie is a modern day historian and supporter of the people. From Civil rights to world topics and its affects on the lower and middle class, he is an advocate of Historical integrity and believes in knowledge being the root of motivation and creative inspiration.