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An Animated FLOTUS


I’ve got this niece that loves “playing doctor” with her new baby brother, and I’m almost positive that’s got something to do with the very popular Disney series ‘Doc McStuffins.’ McStuffins is quite the junior expert on veterinary health as she gives routine check-ups to her stuffed animals while young kids like my niece get a kick out of it.


Apparently my niece and Michelle Obama both happen to share a love for the Disney series, and the FLOTUS will actually be making a guest appearance on the show to express her enthusiasm. According to Variety, In order to share her belief that this show exhibits kids making a difference in their community with the world, Doc McStuffins has been appointed the “official toy doctor” at The White House.

The episode is going to air on October 5th and here’s a short clip given to us by Disney Junior.


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