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WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE! Drake & Future locked in again and dropped the most polarizing hip-hop project of 2015.  Executive produced by Metro Boomin’ and mostly produced by him musically, the two bring out the very best in each other. Every other song is Drakes or Futures, with Drake taking the evens and Future taking the odds. When I went to make sure of that, I questioned myself. I realized though, that is the truth. Future just blends in Drake’s world a lot easier than Drake does Future’s.

Out the gate they did the “Digital Dash“. They set the tone with this one. Being about any-and-everything,  the record ties in with the project’s concept like a knot. Future kicked it off discussing what he has been talking about lately but as vividly as possible. Drake came in & said some of his wittiest bars to date. “I’m harlem shaking through the pressure / I might put Diddy on my next shit” –  “I might take Quentin to Follies / You hate your life, just be honest” – “Just walked in with a girl that’s making triple what I’m making, what an entrance”. BTW, he brought in a whopping 39.5 million in the last year, according to Forbes. He’ll even get away with mentioning Kirkwood. Seeking “Big Rings” the two continue to get their rocks off. Drake was rather subtle, while Future went at Meek Mill and talked about Serena & Venus. Reporting “Live From The Gutter” Future makes you feel his pain. With bars like “Came out clean, I ain’t clean my nigga still there. Just imagine you was living lavish and they still there.” He gets very vulnerable. Drake comes in off his feature flow talking his shit, having a bar here and there.

It’s said the two were in Atlanta for 6-8 days while recording this. Of course they had to hit the gentleman’s club and have them “Diamonds Dancing“. Drake leads off singing to whoever he’s involved with. Future has a rather slight verse. Drake then closes out with a 2-minute tell off to that same person. Saying they did him dirty, their ungrateful, and unstable. Balling so damn hard, they keep on getting “Scholarships“. Despite the cliche concept, the two talk real life. Future more so than Drake, but Drake comes with the charisma. “Plastic Bag” comes on next. Sounding like good kush and alcohol turned into a whole song. Also sounding like the perfect strip club song but what do I know. This the first time the two truly share a record together and it is wonderful music.

I’m The Plug” is not a filler, but in the grand scheme of the album it’s not as good as the rest of the tracks. Future starts off boasting, displaying his wordplay. Drake randomly had a top notch verse here, saying randomly because he found a pocket we’ve never seen him in before. As a plug should, they “Change Locations“. Making a remarkable hit I’m sure we’ll hear for a long time. Another track just letting you know what they was feeling at the time. And to close out WATTBA they “Jumpman“. Being the only song that is both of theirs, they go back in forth, two verses a piece. Closed out the record how they finished it, together.

Future then shared his “Jersey” with us. It could have definitely came out on DS2 and meshed in well, ironically being produced by the two masterminds behind the album. You do what you want when you poppin’. Meanwhile Drake got a “30 for 30“. The third song built around Meek Mill’s nonsense. This one is the Stone Cold Stunner though, where Drake says things that can’t be ignored.

This mixtape-album is great for the culture. While it may not be the best project ever, this year, or even the best they have to offer, it is solid and deserves a spot in your rotation. Future went for his 5th ring this year, while Drake is slyly finessing his Cash Money Records situation. People who have negative reviews about this project are outlandish to me. We saw two athletes at their best and wanted them to go for 150. Instead they went for 100 & didn’t step on each others toes while doing so. Respect that.


P.S. I’m aware Good kush is not the name