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A New Era: Harnessing the Old to Bring in the New


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We genuinely appreciate you all that have been rocking with us here at Hazie Thoughts, and when we say all, we do mean both old and new subscribers/followers/etc. But if you’re an old viewer, you’d know that when we started this thing back in 2011 it was HazieThoughts.com and it was just a blogspot. Remember blogspot? Yeah, we didn’t want anything more than a way to reach out to our viewers and provide them with insight on things a lot less boring and formal than your average site, and we did.

Once we got a taste of being in charge of the news we fed people, we were hooked. We kept working toward improvement, we never stopped, and that shows today. We’d like to welcome you back to our roots with haziethoughts.com, but we’d also like to welcome you into our new home. We reupholstered, revamped, and recultivated the very things we stood for and provide when we started this thing 4 years ago and we’re excited, even thrilled to be back in our element.

The visual changes are obvious, and we hope you enjoy them, but the internal changes are most important to us. Look forward to the same core objectives but with more hard-hitting articles, more consistent posts, more diversity in topics, more willingness to interact with our readers and more passion from the writers.

We’re all SO thrilled to bring you something raw and unrefined and we just hope that you’re willing to see this through with us. Any comments, any suggestions, any concerns? We’re all ears. Subscribe to us! Tweet us! Link with us! info@haziethoughts.com.

This is for y’all more than it is for us, so let’s take over.


We also want to give a special thanks to our designer and overall consultant about the new site, Kristen Wiggins who helped make this new update possible. Any inquiries about web design, logos, etc. be sure to hit her up (krist.wiggins@gmail.com/@GetKrissed) because she’ll be sure to plug you in.

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