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Viola Davis: Recognized and Recognizing



Viola Davis, an award-winning, phenomenal, Black actress, made history at the Emmys last night by being the first Black woman to win the Lead Actress in a Drama Series category. While she was up against a slew of amazing actresses —- Claire Danes in Homeland, Taraji P. Henson in Empire, Robin Wright in House of Cards, Elisabeth Moss in Mad Men and Tatiana Maslany in Orphan Black — Viola Davis took home the gold and made sure to leave behind words just as golden.

Davis proves herself to be regal in her elegance during her accepting of this award, and bold in her choice to speak on the elephant in the room as she looks out into a predominantly white crowd. We all know that Black women are lacking recognition in areas that they are undoubtedly present in, but those that speak on it are those that act as catalysts for it to happen. From quoting Harriet Tubman, to acknowledging every hardworking Black actress in the crowd, Viola made sure that recognition would not be absent at yesterday’s awards ceremony and for that we say thank you and many many congratulations.

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