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Anything Can Happen At The Rodeo



After countless shows and networking with all the need to knows in the rap game, Rodeo arrives. 4 long years coming, it finally sees day light. I believe Travis has been waiting for this since his Lights Out video. I believe his fans have been waiting for this since Owl Pharaoh; “Sin City” if they were really bout it, bout it.

The show kicks off with an introduction from TIP, better known as T.I. Instantly giving the album a southern hip-hop feel, also paying homage to Outkast via KiD CuDi. Allowing you into his mind, he creates his own Atlantis. On the first half of “Pornography” it’s clear he lives in fantasy. On the second he confronts his self, speaks on relevant subject & tells consumers this is just the beginning. Inviting Quavo back into his world, they compile the wonderful two-song record “Oh My Dis Side“. During ‘Oh My’ Travis is taking us through Jacques’ world. Backed with vocals from Quavo, he continues feeding us that imagery with ‘Dis Side’. Quavo closed out the record with some A1 ATL seasoning. Spilling over into “3500“, Future & 2 Chainz make way into the show. Getting a sensational verse from Future Hendrix and one from 2 Chainz that is effortlessly 2 Chainz with a tad bit of Tity Boi, Travis decides to highlight the life. The life he is trying to life comfortably. Many “Wasted” nights that you don’t remember while sipping that Pimp C & toting that Juicy J. TIP comes back to the stage. Substantially highlighting the moment where you test out all that you have be preparing for.

Which leads us to “90210“, the start of the Rodeo. Sounding like it was made during the 808s&Heartbreak / MBDTF days, this record is surely a win. Travis takes us through an encounter with a Beverly Hills lady, transitioning to a glimpse into the ‘real life’ aspect of his world. Leading him to “Pray 4 Love” on The Weeknd, they vent about that reality. La Flame mentions things like communism, detonating bombs, and demons. Which turned him into a “Nightcrawler“, getting help from Swae Lee(of Rae Sremmurd) and the infamous, Chief Keef. Coming on so subtly in the middle of tempo, it works ingeniously well. So well, Swae Lee’s verse sounds like a whole rap verse during your first few listens. So well, the Hook doesn’t come in the song till the second half. So well, you can’t help but rock with Chief Keef, no matter how you feel about him. Continuing to hold down the Chi, Mr. West shows up and together they “Piss On Your Grave“. What starts off feeling like an interlude for Kill Bill Vol. 2 (during the brother’s time specifically) ends up being pivotal moment with a lovely bass & guitar mesh, where the two talk recklessly & offensively aggresive.

Then the night show kicks off, being everything you want it to be. Giving you the perfect “Antidote” for negativity, even heard someone seriously consider this is the best song ever. While it may not be, it’s exceptionally outstanding. Doing the “Impossible” he one ups himself. Providing the perfect background to an intimate session with someone you’re just fornicating with in actuality but like lowkey. Many consider this to be about Rihanna but who knowwsss. Or maybe she does, maybe she’s the “Maria” his “Drunk” ass cries out for with Justin Bieber & Young Thug. Justin comes in sound like Lil Wayne (vocally), while intriguing you so much with his charisma, while Thugga Thugga closes out doing what he does best.

The scene following is an intermission turned record where Pharrell and Toro Y Moi help Scott with “Flying High“, making it a well-rounded song. “I Can Tell” is the one record Travis does alone that is actually formulated like a rap song. Having two verses, he sung his way through but the flows overshadow that. Especially verse two, this doesn’t make the show without the second verse. Finishing the show tastefully, he gives out “Apple Pie“. Letting it be known he wants his own legend, he wants to make his fantasy reality. TIP wrapped up the show asking a very important question: Will he survive the Rodeo?

Understanding the totality of this album is understanding that it is literally a rodeo. After that, it’s easier to accept and live with. Travis curated a beautiful soundtrack for us to enjoy for eternity.