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Syria soon to be a ghost Country?


TOPSHOTS -- AFP PICTURES OF THE YEAR 2014 -- A Syrian Kurdish woman crosses the border between Syria and Turkey at the southeastern town of Suruc in Sanliurfa province on September 23, 2014. The UN refugee agency warned Tuesday that as many as 400,000 people may flee to Turkey from Syria's Kurdish region to escape attacks by the Islamic State group. AFP PHOTO / BULENT KILIC

European Union leaders will be discussing a proposal to relocate 160 thousand refugees that have flooded countries from Greece to Germany totaling around 5 million displaced peoples over the past 3 years. At this point Syria is emptying faster than the south during the Harlem Renaissance.

It only makes me beg the question of whether or not the bubble dwellers; what I like to call the American population who blind themselves to world issues and instead luxuriate in social media and pop culture, whether or not they are even aware to the severity of this situation and how it may potentially affect us here in the U.S. It’s one thing to discuss border control with Mexico, it’s another to discuss accepting up to 50,000 more refugees, which is what congress is now trying to come to terms with.

What will that mean for the economy, job market, and inner city living situations here on home turf? All Things to consider.

Mike Abrantie Current Los Angeles resident, South-side of Chicago Native, and Product of the Homeland Ghana West Africa, Mike Abrantie is a modern day historian and supporter of the people. From Civil rights to world topics and its affects on the lower and middle class, he is an advocate of Historical integrity and believes in knowledge being the root of motivation and creative inspiration.