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During a time when people are trying to do Chief Keef better than Chief Keef, Chief Keef outdid himself. Remaining relevant after what seemed to be a fall off, Chief Sosa is back. In reality, he never left nor fell off. It was, or is, just a case of longtime fans not being satisfied with the product being released. Let’s face it though: Jay-Z ONLY could make The Blueprint once, Usher couldn’t Confess but so much, Michael couldn’t Thrill you but so many times.(That last part a lie but it sound good)


Here we are two & a half years later, Bang 3 sees daylight. After about 2 years of promotion August 1, 2015 arrives & so does Bang 3. Starting off real crisp with “Laurel Canyon“, it throws you for a loop because you know Keef voice usually mutters. Then “Cappin’” comes in sounding like the intro to a James Bond-esque video game. Clearly dedicated to the recently fallen CAPO, the song is far from sad. “Unstoppable” remind you he is still the Chief Keef you have come to accept, but indeed improved. Then comes the greatest dumb song, “Superheroes(Feat. A$AP Rocky)”. The concept surrounds the title, initially sounding too simple but was executed so well you don’t even care.

He start harmonizing on “Singing To The Cheese“, which is a subtle lovely sing-along. Continuing his creativity with “Pick One“, you’ll enjoy that he make your head nod vs. dance, as he say things you think or feel. If you don’t get to dancing on “New School” though, this album is not for you. Produced by Zaytoven the song has that undeniable flavor, that feel good. “FACTS” come in subtly cranking, but mesmerizing. Randomly, Sosa is spitting on here.


Now for one of the best songs released this year “I Just Wanna“. Keef brings in Mac Miller for this one. As unorthodox as it sounds & seems, the two gelled together to make something magical. “Yes” is retarded good, like he perfected the “stupid” Chief Keef. Again being so good, it just like yes yes yes yes yes. “Ain’t Missing You” is where Keef gets sentimental. More of a reminiscing record than emotional spill-out, but very heartfelt & touching. On “Millions” Sosa lets you into his mind a bit with how he mixed this Zaytoven beat. The hook being a mini-verse itself, the second verse makes this song super legit. “Go Harder” sounds like a Chief Keef produced record as a 90s CASH MONEY artist in 2015. Very cool, but the idea is a little better than the execution. He cleaned it up & closed out strong with “Green Light” though. Showing & proving he is a genius at what he does, he stayed in his lane but flowed harder than ever.

Having more songs were the verses carry the hook & beat than vice versa, this is beyond a solid project. With Bang 3, Sosa shows that he has indeed been learning, practicing, and working; while showing he can compose a well-rounded project without Young Chop. Sort of hinting that Back From The Dead may not be as good as his music gets. I’m almost certain Chief Keef is only getting better though.

Allegedly there is a part 2 coming soon, slated to be released on 9/18/15.