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Enough With Your Fake Moral Outrage


College is suppose to be the best times of your life, as a recent college grad, I can attest. College is also the place where you get to make a lot of mistakes and do even crazier things.

So as colleges around the nation begin their first week back, students are saying goodbye to parents and childhood and saying hello to peers and adulthood. In adulthood, we allow people to make their own decisions and don’t censor things we don’t agree with.

Well, at Old Dominion University in Virginia, this wasn’t the case. Sigma Nu Frat was suspended last week after the above sign made its rounds on social media.

This is where we have come in today’s day and age. Where if your mom or dad doesn’t like what is said on a college campus, and they have enough other stupid parents on board can get your fraternity shut down. With recent stories about bad fraternity behavior, this is how you try to right it?

The sign was distasteful depending on who you ask, but if everything I ever found distasteful was taken down at my college, it wouldn’t be a lot of stuff hanging around, frats or not.

What makes this particular situation even more laughable, is that at the same school, another sign, just as offensive was put up at a Greek life organization home, and no one seems to want to suspend them.


Forget the double standard taking place here, and just focus on the situation at hand. A bunch of horny young adults, both male and female made some bad jokes with sexual references. While the males got chastised and suspended the females seem to be going about their business.

Your hypocrisy is showing, and it’s more funny than anything. So stop with your fake outrage and moral righteousness, because we all know, you really don’t care.

Sosa Godfrey I guess this is where I write something witty about myself. Hi, my name is Sosa, I have a tattoo of an alien and I write a lot.