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Ed Mullins is a Horrible Person


If you’re not from New York you probably don’t know who Ed Mullins is, and you’re probably thinking, why should I care who is?

Ed Mullins is President of the New York Sergeants Benevolent Association, and on Monday, Mullins in a memo to 12,000 current and retired NY police officers launched a picture taking program that would have officers, on their way to and from work, take pictures of the cities wonderful people. You can read part of the memo obtained by PIX11 News

“As you travel about the City of New York, please utilize your smart phones to photograph the homeless lying in our streets, aggressive panhandlers, people urinating in public or engaging in open-air drug activity, and quality of life offenses of every type,” Mullins continued “All photos will be posted on the Peek-A-Boo page on our website and our sergeants will notify our public officials in writing of what is being observed,” Mullins wrote. “We will refer issues to the proper agencies, and we will help create accountability equally across the board.”

Mullins spoke with PIX11 News and explained why he thought the picture sharing by officers was necessary.

“I see New York City deteriorating,” Mullins told PIX11 News. “I see quality-of-life crimes all over the city, homeless all in our streets. A national problem between people of color and the police and all I see are phony politicians introducing phony legislation that accomplishes nothing.”

So, Mullins sees NYC is deteriorating and thinks taking pictures is the plausible solution? Mullins also is aware of the “national problem” between people of color and the police, but has no solution other than taking more pictures? Friendly reminder, Mullins wasn’t happy NYC settled with Eric Garner’s family in a wrongful death lawsuit either, so there’s that.

Police officers have a difficult job, and one with unique challenges and obstacles that many citizens would have a hard time understanding. Many sensible people can agree to that. What many can’t, is the brash arrogance of people like Ed Mullins who work in law enforcement.

We already knew what type of person Ed Mullins was before this, now we know he’s insensitive to the plight of the less fortunate and doesn’t fully grasp why things are happening between people of color and police. For what it’s worth though, he’s pro police.

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