Overcoming what could have been setbacks, Meek Mill wins with his latest album, DWMTM (Dreams Worth More Than Money). In reality, he has been winning since being released from prison. Selling out his hometown’s Wells Fargo Center, “going public” with dating Nicki Minaj, and just being back home with family; among other things.

Dropping right after the 2015 BET Awards, without any radio single, Meek’s album marketing was pretty damn good. The anticipation was already crazy, but after delivering a slew of street/internet singles the buzz grew even more. Leaving majority of the album unreleased, the first listen made the wait so worth while.

Initially, you can see the progression in Meek’s rap skills with “Lord Knows“. Taking his time a little more between lines but keeping his signature style. By the time “I Got The Juice” comes on, you have already heard at least three songs you’ll thoroughly enjoy. And by the time “Been That (Feat. Rick Ross)” you may be wondering why “Pullin’ Up (Feat. The Weeknd)” sound so much better than the surrounding tracks. Finishing off how he started, the last tracks are very essential to the totality of the album.

Having multiple songs with chart potential, features from some of the best in urban music right now, DWMTM is very solid; 200,000+ albums sold before streams in the first week is actually more than solid in hip-hop industry. Basically doubling his debut album’s 1st week sales, Meek’s album definitely has his career on a high. Hoping he goes up verses be stagnant.

NECESSARY LISTEN: Lord Knows, R.I.C.O., Stand Up, Bad For You, Pullin’ Up