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Japan vs U.S.A. Robot Edition


If you are a starch representer of the U.S.A. this past weekend was a great one for you. First, you celebrated the fourth of July and all the beauty of eating BBQ and watching Fireworks while reveling in your independence.  Next, you watched the United States Women’s National Soccer team destroy Japan 5-2 behind Carli Lloyd’s first half hat trick.

Well, now it’s time to show just how much pride you have, as the United States will be in a battle of epic proportions, facing a familiar foe in the Japanese. While we took the first battle on the pitch, this second one won’t come as easy.

You may not have been aware, but last week, American tech company Megabots challenged Japanese robot industry heavyweights, Suidobashi to a robot duel. As Suidobashi’s Kurata will take on Megabots Mark 2.

So I know what you’re thinking, who the hell cares about robot death machines?

Probably not many people outside of the tech industry, but here are a few things that should get you excited about this upcoming duel. One, it’s the United States vs. ….. does much else needs to be said? Second, they’re going to be blowing up freaking robots (You probably loved Transformers the movie, what beats the real thing?). Lastly, and probably most important, it’s another reason for you to get out and show your American pride (starts GO U.S.A. chants)

If you want to see the battle of these robot giants take place, you’ll have to wait, as the battle won’t take place for another year. In the mean time, you can watch the U.S. challenge the Japanese and their response.

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