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#BBHMM or get got



At midnight last night (or this morning? I’m not sure I’ll ever know which way to refer to midnight) Rihanna released her highly-anticipated Bitch Better Have My Money video. And in typical Rihanna fashion, it has well over a million views in a short 7 hours.

My favorite thing about the video is that it appears to have stemmed from a real-life situation. According to several sources, Rihanna actually sued her accountant in February of last year for offering her bad advice on housing and several other things that caused her to lose $9 million in a year. Her accountant’s most public response was “At the core of her claim is the belief that someone else is responsible for her conduct and its consequences.” Well, regardless of whatever the outcome was of that case, they say that experience makes for the best storytelling.

And if you think like me, you may have noticed some symbolism. You’re not slick RihRih.


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