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Sunday Reflection: Being Happy



I haven’t written a Sunday Reflection in a while. So when I woke up this morning I was determined to make sure that was exactly what I did.

It wasn’t hard to know what topic I would choose to speak on. I’m not a life coach, or even a person whose been through a lot of grief and triumphed to give you a riveting story about survival.

I’m just a 22-year-old guy who writes on a blog, trying to graduate from college while navigating this thing called adulthood.

Now, whether you believe it or not, times do get a tad bit stressful. Everything that seems like it will go wrong, goes wrong. All things you thought you knew, you realize you have no clue, but its in those times where we all need something to turn too.

For some it may be their faith, others, music, for me, its writing. The common theme in all these things, to me at least is that they bring us all some types of happiness. No matter how bad things get, or how they may seem, we can turn to those outlets and find that happiness no matter how brief it may be.

So on this Sunday, find your happiness and be happy in whatever way works best for you.

Sosa Godfrey I guess this is where I write something witty about myself. Hi, my name is Sosa, I have a tattoo of an alien and I write a lot.