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Weed Vending Machines Anyone?

Photo via AutoSpence.com


The industry of marijuana is reaching a new level in the United States. A manufacturing based company in Arizona has unveiled the first marijuana vending machines for consumers timely checkout.

These vending machines won’t debut on the streets. The machines will be set-op in licensed dispensaries in Colorado & other states that have made marijuana legal both recreational and medical use.

Greg Honan, owner of Herbal Elements will be the first to house the vending machine. “There’s no theft issue, There’s no product disappearing.” said Honan 

The ZaZZZ vending machine acts like an automated express checkout like at the grocery store, said Chief Operating Officer Stephen Shearin of Tranzbyte. The ZaZZZ machine reads the driver’s license of the person, and uses bio-metrics to match the person making the purchase and the driver license used. The consumer when ready pays with credit or debit card. 

The products in these machines could vary from edibles or marijuana. Each product will be tracked with identification chips to make sure that they don’t get into the wrong hands.

So what do you think about marijuana vending machines? Yay or nay?

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