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Super Bowl Week, Big Appple Style

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The Super Bowl doesn’t kick off until Sunday evening, but the festivities are well under way. The 48th installment of the Super Bowl however has a little more appeal, and not just because it’s the No. 1 scoring offense vs No. 1 scoring defense.

Though the Super Bowl will technically be played in Met Life Stadium located in New Jersey, New York will be the place to be.

The Super Bowl isn’t usually played in cold weather cities, but who could pass up the New York market right?

The usual and more conducive conditions for a Super Bowl come in the form of a stadium with a dome, and Florida.

But what the game may have to give up for quality on the field, they’ll get back with quality in the press. The mecca of everything that’s everything. New York will provide the NFL with a great Super Bowl week. From great interviews and soundbites from athletes with not just the media, but the oversaturated New York media for the event. Oh and the nightlife and extracurricular activities, can’t forget how much of that could be going on in the Big Apple.

Tuesday afternoon Super Bowl Media Day will take place and the race will truly be on to the finish line. No matter here the game is played, what doesn’t change is that the play of the players will determine the outcome.

So as ESPN makes home in New York for the week, and the sports world revolves around what takes place in and around New York. I’ll be more focus on what takes place when the lights get the brightest and the game is what on the line.

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