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Ugly Sweater Party Anyone?



I like to consider myself a sweater connoisseur, and in the mist of the holiday season picking a quality sweater is always a hard choice.

The people at www.ibtimes.com have made picking out that ugly sweater this year that much easier by compiling a list of places to purchase your ugly sweater. Link Here.

What makes a sweater an ugly sweater though? Here’s our criteria.

1. Any sweater your father or grandfather believes is cool.

2. The more patterns, the uglier.

3. Themed sweaters are almost always ugly (holiday, pets, etc)

4. Homemade patches and stitches on sweaters, ugly

5. The wider your sweater, the uglier it probably is.

Lastly, don’t forget ugly sweaters are a way of life, and not just for the holidays. Enjoy your ugly sweater parties.




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