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Diego en chemise écossaise sells for $32.6M



2013 Alberto Giacometti Estate/Licensed by VAGA and ARS, New York


If you can remember far back to Tuesday night think about what you were doing for a second. Thought about it? Well now consider this, was your night worth $32.6 million? Well for one art lover/buyer it was.

The painting, Diego en chemise écossaise by Giacometti did not receive one bid on the salesroom, but that didn’t stop it from being the biggest star of the night. The painting was sold to a third-party by Christie’s before the auction even began. The former owner of the painting, Jeffrey Loria, who is also the owner of the MLB team Miami Marlins expected the painting to sell anywhere from $30 million to $50 million.

Though the painting came in a million dollars under Loria’s projected price, it was still a record price by an artist at $29 million, $32.6 million with fees (a 1964 portrait sold for $14.6 million in 2008). The other paintings on The Rockefeller Center salesroom didn’t fair as well. Of the 46 works up for offer on Tuesday, 11 failed to sell.

At the end of the night of all the works sold the total was $144.2 million, far off from the estimated $188 million.

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