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Holiday Men's top colognes


As the holiday season approaches, gifts and outings are at an abundance. Whether you’re searching for your dad, boss or just yourself. Here are the “top mens colognes” that should be on your watch list.

The first cologne that you should consider is Salvatore Ferragamo. The fragrance, which is described as a blend of grapefruit and fig, boast a masculine fragrance that leaves an aroma of sweet spiciness. The scent that is calming and relaxing is recommended for daytime use. At a price of $26.99 this cologne is a steal.

L’eau De Issey Intense for Men, by Issey Miyake, was introduced in 2007. The fragrance scent that blends tangerine, bergamot, yuzu and orange. Gives the fragrance a sweet, but not overpowering smell. With a sleek bottle design this fragrance appeals to the contemporary man.

The final cologne on your watch list should be Xeryus Rogue Cologne by Givenchy for Men. In 1995, Givenchy came out with another version of Xeryus, Xeryus in Red for Men. The Rogue Cologne, which came out in 96, leaves off an exotic aroma. With a refreshing mix of greens, fruit/spices and exotic woods.

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