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Government Shutdown Could Halt Sports Too


It appears the government shutdown has even extended to the realm of sports. Army, Navy, and Air Force’s collegiate sporting events are in doubt as the government shutdown includes certain aspects of the Defense Department. On Saturday, Army is scheduled to face off against Boston College at Alumni Stadium in Chestnut Hill, and Navy and Air Force are supposed to be battling for the Commander-in-Chief trophy. Navy had won the previous seven games between the two schools until last year. However, according to the USA Today The Department of Defense has cancelled all intercollegiate athletics on Tuesday. This is a direct result of the government shutdown.

The Baltimore Sun reports that the sell-out game between Navy and Air Force is in limbo until midday Thursday where a decision will be made. Furthermore, the game is currently “called-off”, and the programs’ soccer matches have already been given the can. According to Fox Sports, Air Force Coach Troy Calhoun never gave his normal press-conference “due to the government shutdown.”

As outlined by fbschedules, the Army-BC game was intended to be Boston College’s homecoming game, and the two could meet in December instead provided Boston College do not play well enough to reach the ACC Conference Championship game.

National Parks, The EPA, The FDA, and now sports. The Government Shutdown is effecting all aspects of American life.