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An Ode to Banker's Club


BankersClub2Throughout the years I have grown particularly fond of one really cheap kind of alcohol. That alcohol is Banker’s Club. Yesterday, amidst the Mexico-USA Game and poker I sipped on one of my favorite mixed drinks, Banker’s Club Vodka and Orange Juice. I am often asked why Banker’s Club? It tastes like rubbing alcohol they say, or even that rubbing alcohol actually tastes better. For all the trash-talking I hear I stay true to my origins of cheap drinking.

I fondly recall exactly how those origins began as if it were yesterday. Banker’s Club entirely by chance was swiftly sneaked from my friend’s parents bar and the rest is history. All the days of waking up with no pants on, in a different town from where I began my night, or even in my bed with half-eaten cookies all over myself and no recollection as to how I made it home in a Hanes White-T in 10 degree weather. Furthermore, why I would stop and purchase 30 cookies when it was freezing outside? Whatever the answer may be Banker’s Club was always at the forefront of ridiculous shenaniganry. It could be that Banker’s Club is a British company and as an Englishman I am staying true to my roots.366bqy The 2 definitions of Banker’s Club on Urban Dictionary put it best to highlight the polarizing opinions on College Life’s go-to cheap booze. 1.)The makers of the best and cheapest whisky/vodka ever known to man. The vodka tastes amazing and Only Costs $12.59 for a half gallon compared to some shit that can cost up tp $40!! 2.)A cheap, poor quality brand of distilled spirits. Sold primarily in 1.75L plastic bottles that look like they should hold industrial chemicals, not something that is meant to be ingested. The gin and vodka both taste like rubbing alcohol, and the rum tastes like rubbing alcohol with some added flavouring.

Interesting perspectives, but remember before choosing your Banker’s Club allegiance that it costs under $0.50 per ounce, and partying is so much more fun when it is not expensive. On that note a link to purchse 48 bottles for only $101.28. A fitting gift for your favorite alcoholic.


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