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Yo Posse Inc. a jewelry company started by Porcha, 24 in Chesapeake, Va that creates flossy wrist wear, beads, and customization of chains. In the words of the people at Yo Posse Inc. “Anything goes”

What inspires Yo Posse Inc. to continue creating and grinding is people wearing their ideas and making them bigger.

Yo Posse Inc already has one big client to their list. The owner of the company, Porcha, met Wiz Khalifa and gave him some beads of his own. Wiz Khalifa mom loved the beads  so much that she sent her VIP tickets to a show, after the gift, Porcha gave a number more of beads to the Wiz family.

To get your own beads or get decked out in some custom chains visit www.YoPosseInc.com


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