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Shots Fired at Rap Superstar



Early Monday morning, Miami based rapper, Rick Ross was shot at while leaving a Fort Lauderdale restaurant with an alleged girlfriend inside of his 2011 Rolls Royce. The Grammy nominated rapper ended up crashing his vehicle into the restaurant, but him nor his girlfriend were hit. Ross, who’s real name is William Roberts II, takes a lot of scrutiny in the hip hop community and Isn’t necessarily respected by everyone. Ross’s lyrics often point to a lifestyle of a drug dealer or kingpin. In fact, Robert’s stage name “Rick Ross” is after former “American Gangster” and OG Freeway Ricky Ross. The real Ricky Ross has openly disapproved of the rapper’s stage name and to make matters worse, in 2008 a photo was leaked which showed Roberts II was once a corrections officer. According to The Source Magazine, After the shooting, Freeway Ricky Ross stated that Roberts II should “Start playing straight and start playing by the rules.” Nevertheless, Ross also expressed he was grateful nothing happened to the MMG Superstar stating “luckily he got away this time.”