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Sunday Reflection: Stride Right



We’re wrapping up the first month of the year already and as usual some of us are off to a great start while others are still trying to get with the ball game. Regardless of your particular end of the spectrum, I find that the best advice for the majority is to find your stride and make it stick. 

Obviously we all move at a different pace and we choose what we see to be the most beneficial, but sometimes we lose that and end up dealing with consequences that we resent. We all have different goals in mind but regardless of what it is that each one of us decides we’re after, we must acquire the necessary skills to get there.

So, in essence, I’m saying all this to say that it’s still early and you can still win. I’m learning that if you make slight improvements in your day-to-day life, you not only perfect your stride, but you build endurance as well. Find the things you need to have better days, figure out your limits and boundaries, challenge yourself and spoil yourself when necessary. Just be aware that your only competition is time. So stop waiting and in the words of Arthur Ashe, “start where you are, use what you have, and do what you can.”

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