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That’s A Wrap Pt. 2


Gucci Mane & Wiz Khalifa were the hardest workers of 2012, well they at least put out the most music.  Both of them released 3 well received projects but, Gucci’s were strictly mixtapes while Khalifa dropped his sophomore album.  The irony of it is both of them were included in my favorite collaborators of the year.

When Wiz & Juicy J work together it seems they bring out the best of each other.  From songs like  Pacc Talk to My Favorite Song(which was many folks favorite song for sometime) to even the overlooked Gone, they are a perfect duo.  Gucci & Young Scooter on the other hand had everybody finessing the plug and juggin all wild.  The thing is Scooter came from nowhere and was all over Trap God, but he proved that he was worthy of the opportunity Gucci had given.  I’m looking forward to Free Bricks 2 more than most projects dropping 2013.

If you talk 2012 Hip-Hop / Rap music, it’s only right you show Mike Will & Young Chop love.  It felt like you heard Mike Will Made It at the beginning of every other hit, whether it was radio or projects.  While Young Chop became the 2012 Lex Luger with a better situation.  Lex didn’t have a Chief Keef, but he had that sound that everybody wanted and that is exactly what Chop had.  The thump on his records had everybody feeling G when listening. And while they both worked with everyone from Kanye to Gucci Mane, hopefully all their success rolls over into the new year.

Last, but certainly not least the Glory Boy himself, Chief Keef.  His attention, whether bad or good, has not decreased since getting national attention around March/April.  Though Sosa denies Kanye did not help his popularity, G.O.O.D. Music remixing the hit “I Don’t Like” was the extra umph Keef’s hype needed.  He made a way for his fellow Glory Boys & put the Chicago Rap scene on.  Releasing one of the years better mixtapes, Back From The Dead, and a classic album I think it’s safe to say Chief was the second hottest star of 012.