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Sunday Reflection: Clichés


You hear all the time that the only thing constant is change, so to tell you to embrace it would be quite the cliché… But that’s life isn’t it? One big cliché. Well, here’s another for you; live, don’t exist. Everyone has that thing that they wanted to do but just never put in the effort. If nothing else, you are totally and completely in charge of your life and you’ve got to do the things that make it worth living.


Dismiss the daily adversities and challenge yourself.

Don’t overwhelm yourself with plans for your future because you’ve got to fully experience the present for your ideas to come into fruition anyway.

Instead of always thinking about the tangibles and what you want, readjust your focus to what you can do right here and now to benefit you.

Be better than you were yesterday.

Piece of cake.

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