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In my eyes, Pharrell Williams is a musical mogul. Take that as you may, but the man has created undeniable magic time and time again. To prove his versatility, he even extends himself beyond just beats and lyrics. Pharrell is also an author. In the above video, posted on his iAmOther youtube channel, Pharrell humbly gives us a couple intricate details about his book, his mindset and his general outlook on life.

It has been said on several occasions that people don’t read enough anymore. We’re in a time and place where technology runs everything, and though that isn’t necessarily bad, we can’t just let books lose their value. I figured maybe if more people knew that there were books that touch on everything, they’d be more inclined to pick up one of their own.

I’m going to start doing book reviews for all of our HazieThoughts viewers that are interested in rediscovering a love for literature. But for now, go out and cop Pharrell Williams’ Places and Spaces I’ve Been. You can get it here or in your local bookstore. Enjoy!

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