Lost Boys


Seeing as I’m a heavy supporter of Chief Keef & the GBE movement, I wasn’t very surprised when hearing about Lil Jojo’s death or Chief’s reaction to it.  Keef boast about shooting in every song, if not every verse.  He comes from the south-side of Chicago, which has been hailed as “one of the worst places on Earth”, and he’s a gang member, specifically of  the Black Disciples.

Chief Keef, who’s been the topic of discussion since becoming discussed at all, was very much so the most talked about thing during this past weekend. During this time I also heard some hits made by him & his cohorts that were new to me.  So when I got home I decided to go on a scavenger hunt for these hits I heard, and I came across something greater.

Fader Magazine’s Felipe Delerme wrote an article, hence the title, on Chief Keef & his days with the man child.  The article proved to me Chief Keef lives on the edge, ride for his niggas (dawwwwwwwgg), and thugs are human too.

After learning the ins & outs the Lil Jojo situation two things came to my mind, at least GBE is about what they say & it’s so sad that situations like these are a reality for people.  It made me think, “damn GBE are cold hearted” people but I always said it was because they come from Chicago.

But when Delerme had to say his final goodbye he reached in to dap Keef & Keef handed him a blunt.  If you come from where I come from, that’s a sign of love & respect.

That let me know that there is hope for Keef and that he isn’t just some disrespectful ass child out here wylin’ just because.  It let me know that Chief Keef might fully enjoy the “good life”.  I love the movement and appreciate the rawness of it all even more, but I do want these “nigga’s” to explore the better side of life.  I don’t want Chief Keef to be the poster child for what happens when black children make it out the ghetto, get to the top & fail because they end up dead or in jail.

That is no way I want anybody to end up, but it is more personal to me because I have a close relative that is a gang member who’s future don’t seem bright, and I know how they feel & how it feels to not have faith in someone you love dearly.

Chief Keef can be the poster child to show that it is possible to make it out & live another life while still being “real”.

You can check out Fader’s magnificent post here & don’t forget Finally Rich is on the way.